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Water Safety Films, Inc. 
(established 1973) 
Mission Statement 
Produce lifeguard training videotapes on drowning person recognition, scanning strategies, and in-service training.
Pia Consulting Services 
- a division of - 
Water Safety Films, Inc. 
(established 1979) 
Mission Statement 
Provide expert consultation to educational and governmental agencies involved in aquatics and plaintiffs and defense attorneys engaged in aquatic injury litigation.
LSA Productions, Inc. 
(established 1987) 
Mission Statement 
Produce general audience videotapes on drowning prevention and innovative aquatic injury prevention products.
Institute for Aquatic Injury  
Research and Prevention 
(established 1997) 
Mission Statement 
Apply qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to formulate intervention strategies to reduce drowning and diving related spinal injuries.
Mission Statement 
To provide aquatic personnel with the articles that led to the formulation of the
Instinctive Drowning Response

The RID factor 
Experiential foundations for the 10 X 10 Reaction and the 10-20 Rule.

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