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The Reasons People Drown

"The Reasons People Drown" is used in community drowning prevention programs and orientation sessions for lifeguards camp counselors. This fast paced 24 minute videotape teaches viewers the difference between distress and drowning and how to recognize the Instinctive Drowning Response. 

Using the National Safety Council's classification system for drowning -swimming, nonswimming and boating related fatalities - viewers learn that drowning is a major cause of accidental death and injury in the United States. Rules are given for the ways to reduce drowning fatalities and nonswimming rescue techniques are discussed. 

The causes of diving related spinal injuries and infant and toddler drownings are also depicted. Finally, the role of alcohol and other drugs is discussed and viewers learn that only time, not going into the water, will sober an intoxicated person.

What others have said about "The Reason People Drown" 
-the videotape that saves lives:

" While scanning the pool I noticed a 7 year old boy with his arms out bobbing....the portion of the video showing a brother and sister drowning next to their parents flashed through my mind...there were people all around the boy, but no one seemed to recognize he was in trouble....When I brought the child out, the mother ran to pool side and said I only turned my back for a minute....It was a great feeling to save a life, everyone should see this video" 
Lifeguard Jennifer Schreiber, Dutchess County, NY 

" "The Reasons People Drown" was incorporated into our orientation session for summer day camp counselors. While on a camp trip to a public pool, a counselor saw the signs of drowning depicted in the video. A young camper was seen in an area of the water that was over his head, feet straight down, arms extended, head back, and eyes wide open. The counselor immediately pulled the camper out of the water. At the time of the rescue, there were 2 lifeguards and 5 counselors on the deck of the pool." 
Mrs. Felicia Walker, Camp Director, Beacon, N.Y. 

" ....a drowning investigation revealed that a young college student drowned within 10 feet of two of his friends and two lifeguards, none of whom recognized the person was in trouble until it was too late. Shortly after the drowning we saw the video "The Reasons People Drown" we decided to set up drowning prevention seminars for lifeguards. In 1989 a 10 year old boy was saved, in 1990 a 4 year old girl was saved, and in both instances the lifeguards credited the video "The Reasons People Drown" with assisting them with early recognition of the situations." 
Raymond B. Strohn, Public Health Sanitarian, Dutchess County, NYS Health Department 

" I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks and tell you about the good that came about because of your film. On May 31, 1995 I was at the local swimming pool with my family. There was a life guard on duty sitting up in the high chair and another walking around cleaning the pool. Another off duty lifeguard was in the pool playing with some of the kids." 
" I noticed one little boy about 5 years old that was hopping up and down in the water. Something just didn't seem right about the way he was acting in the water. I asked my wife and a friend nearby if they thought anything looked wrong with the boy's behavior. They both told me No they didn't think so ." 
" Then I recalled seeing your film over two years before in a safety presentation giving by the Army Corps of Engineers at the plant where I work. All of this took place in about twenty seconds time." 
" In the back of my mind I felt sure I would making a fool of myself rescuing a child who was just playing, but I felt I had to risk it. l dove into the water and swam over to the child. As I reached him he was on the bottom of the pool. Pulling him to the surface his eyes now appeared wide open and full of fear. The little boy immediately beginning vomiting the large quantities of water he had taken in.After several seconds of this he appeared to be all right and I handed him to a lifeguard who was now at the edge of the pool." 
" The scariest part of this was how close everyone was and didn't notice something was wrong. The lifeguard in the chair was about twenty five feet from the boy and the one cleaning was less than twenty feet away. The off duty life guard was less than 5 feet from the boy but had his back turned to him most of this time." 
" His mother was with two friends about ten feet away. They were watching him play the whole time, even as I snatched him out of the water." 

" A little while later the boy came over and thanked me and said: "Mister, I thought the water was three feet deep everywhere" . He was only five years old and only four feet tall, the depth of the water he was in." 
" This letter sounds a little more self-serving than I would like, but I really want you to know it was you and your film that deserves the credit. I don't know what made me recall watching it two years earlier but I'm happy I did." 
" Since that day I've gotten at least a hundred people to watch a borrowed copy of the film until I could get a copy from you. I plan on getting a lot more people to watch this film in the years to come and spreading this very important message." 
" Thanks again for taking the time to undertake such a worth while cause and believe me it has paid off." 
Mike Till, Montgomery, Alabama 

Ordering " The Reasons People Drown "

This videotape may be purchased for $60. plus an $8. shipping & handling charge.
Purchase orders or checks should be made out to
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