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On Drowning

The purpose of On Drowning was to study and record the movements of people actually drowning from the beginning of their plight, through their development and subsequent rescue .

The majority of this 17 minute film is comprised of slow motion closeup examination of actual , not staged, near-drownings and rescues. These cases include singles, doubles, triples, and a group of four.

The filming was done from a lifeguard tower at Orchard Beach located on Long Island Sound in New York City. Orchard Beach is a non-surf bathing area with little or no current. Nearly all of the near drownings and rescues occur as nonswimmers step off
a low-tide shelf into deep water. Because of the low-tide drop off, the drownings and rescues are exactly the same type as found in pools, lakes, and other still water areas.

This study yielded valuable information which lifeguard services in Australia, Canada, Europe, the United States, and New Zealand have incorporated into their training programs.

On Drowning and Observations on the Drowning of Nonswimmers were the first publications to note and explain the difference between a distressed swimmer and a drowning person. This crucial point is now recognized as one of the most important elements of lifeguard surveillance.

On Drowning is the only training aid which teaches lifeguards how to both understand and recognize the Instinctive Drowning Response. The research based recognition and rescue concepts contained in this classic teaching aid have now been incorporate
d into nearly all the major lifeguard training textbooks in Canada and the United States

On Drowning pioneered the teaching of drowning person recognition concepts. This timeless documentary footage of people drowning and being rescued at Orchard beach, Bronx, NY, has saved countless lives.

What Have Others Said About On Drowning

" May I take this opportunity to express my sincerest congratulations to you on your outstanding film On Drowning It is the finest film of it s type that I have had the opportunity to observe...this film affords training officers to learn in minutes what normally takes years of experience to acquire.
Vincent G. Moorhouse, Director, Harbors, Beaches, and Development City of Huntington Beach, CA -International Liaison Officer National Surf Lifesaving Association August 12th, 1971

" On Drowning excellent and I am looking forward to screening it for the members of the Foundation "
Merle Dowd, National Swimming Pool Foundation
National Swimming Pool Institute, August 16th, 1971

" Your film On Drowning and statements are some of the most profound welcomed thoughts in a field which is charged with a vital duty...The Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Professional Lifeguards has unanimously endorsed your work. "
C.W. (Bill) Kirchhoff, Director
Canadian Association of Professional Lifeguards, August 18th, 1973

" Your On Drowning film has been an invaluable training aid in our instruction over the past few years "
Jane S. Wentzell. Coordination,
Nova Scotia Lifeguard Service, June 2nd, 1978

" Your film.... On Drowning and editorials on identification of the drowning victim have made a significant contribution to the water safety programs throughout the world. "
Jack Dearlove. Chief Superintendent, National Council, The Surf Lifesaving Association of Australia, April 26th, 1977

" I have just had the opportunity to view and review your film, On Drowning . It is a most impressive work and a pioneering effort. The principles were well portrayed and I agree with all your basic concepts. I showed the film to my medical students in preparation for our lectures on near drowning. It makes an excellent introduction to this sequence in our medical school "
Martin J. Nemiroff, M.D. May 23, 1978

Ordering "On Drowning"

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